“ Swasthya Healthcare Survey ”

The Purpose of Our Survey

The main purpose of running a healthcare opinion survey is to identify the weaknesses and loopholes present in the existing system and finding solutions. The simple idea is to ask questions relevant to a particular service or health issue from the people living in that area who are using that service or managing that particular health issue.

Though a thorough inspection can help figure out what challenges are there and what can be done to overcome them, one cannot be sure what patients think about a particular service or practice. The only way to ensure that is to ask them all these things in as much detail as possible. Therefore, using a health survey form for the purpose is always productive and time-efficient.

Collecting Data through Surveys

When you survey healthcare online, you get access to a large pool of data that you cannot get anywhere else. More data simply means more scope of improvement and more legroom to create new plans and implement them to make things better.

There are real-time feedbacks shared by people from different corners of the country based on their experiences with a specific treatment, facility, or any other service they are currently using or have used in the past. This data will help you understand what patients may expect from a medical facility. There are several ways to utilise this information to make things better within the industry. This data, without a doubt, is beneficial for all.

OUR VISION : Our vision is to establish a platform that allows patients to book online appointments as per their convenience to consult qualified doctors and get treatment for their specific health issues.

OUR MISSION : The mission is to bring patients and healthcare professionals together and provide international quality patient care to people. We are committed to ensuring excellent medical consultation for all.

Are you ?

The world is heading towards a completely new normal where people realize the importance of health more than ever before and have started investing in healthy practices without thinking twice. To add to this trend and utilize it for the betterment of humanity, healthcare practitioners are taking all the possible ways to ensure better medical care for all.

A public health survey including a set of healthcare survey questions can be a good start in this direction. There are many online healthcare survey software solutions available with in-built public health survey questions that can be further edited or customized. Swasthya.life conducts health surveys india and uses this data for the growth of the healthcare industry.

Creating Improvement Strategies

Based on the data collected from the health care survey questions, healthcare professionals can explore opportunities in terms of what they can further do or how they can use this data in a productive manner. After identifying the areas of weaknesses and collecting evidence through different online and offline surveys, they can discuss it with their team, and ask for their opinions and suggestions.

Following that, they can come up with some useful improvement strategies which can be implemented to kick out all the existing problems. All this would have been extremely difficult to do if it had to be done offline. Thanks to online survey tools that have made the task easier and more efficient than ever!

Upscaling Facilities

By eliminating the existing weaknesses, healthcare professionals can further focus on meaningful things like offering better medical care to patients and improving healthcare facilities. Doing so, they will be able to improve the experience of patients visiting their clinics or using their online consultation services. In a world where industries run on the feedback shared by previous users, it is important to ensure positive experiences.

These surveys not just help in improving the existing systems but can also be used for further research on a current issue, the Coronavirus for example. Though the new disease seems to be unmanageable, patients' experiences can help a lot. Several vaccines all over the world are in their final stage and we can only wish to get back to the old normal again!

About Us

Swasthya life runs online surveys to collect feedback from patients from all over India and uses it to develop products that can make it easier for people living in different parts of the country to get medical consultation from the comfort of their homes.

  • With a team of healthcare professionals and technology enthusiasts by our side, we take pride in developing systems that can serve humanity in a better way.
  • We are currently running an online survey to collect feedback from both patients and doctors to address the challenges present in the healthcare industry and their opinion on making the process digital.
  • Our team is involved in collecting this information from people and healthcare professionals living in different parts of India so that we can develop an efficient product that is useful for all.
  • The idea is to create a platform that brings world-class medical care at the fingertips of patients and replaces paper reports with digital ones, thereby making the process more convenient for both patients and doctors.
  • Our platform will also help save time. While visiting a clinic might eat up one's precious hours, our platform for online consultation can save a lot of time.
  • We are constantly working towards making quality care available at home and making the entire process more cost-efficient so that patients can get sound medical advice and treatment without stepping out of their home.